Our understanding of mission, both local and global, is not about program but about perspective. We believe that mission is a relational way of life. It’s a way of seeing the world around us differently. It's an understanding that as followers of Christ we are all missionaries, we are a sent people. For us, the word “missional” may or may not resonate with the way it’s being used in mainline evangelicalism. We simply choose to use the word as a way of defining our perspective. As a community we want to have a deep-seated love for all people, and a passionate desire to see individuals transformed by the redeeming love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ. We want to partner with like-minded communities and people both locally and globally to: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, respond to crisis, free the oppressed, fight injustice, and take the “gospel to ends of the earth.”

Church in the park.

On June 28th, 2009 we had our first date conflict with our first rented venue. We thought long and hard about what we should do and where we should meet. Then it struck us, let’s meet somewhere very public and invite everyone to come... let’s have a celebration. So we picked a public park, rented a tent, brought some food, broke out the guitars and celebrated God’s amazing love, and the response was amazing. As we left the park that day the thought running through most of our minds was “we are definitely doing that again!” Over the years we have moved locations and parks several times, but "church in the park" has become a regular staple in our life together. 

When we think about church in the park it’s important to remember that we are NOT putting on an event “for” the neighborhood. We are gathering as a community in the park for worship and a picnic and inviting the neighborhood to come join us. You might be asking what’s the difference? The difference is actually very big. All too often as the church we are in the habit of doing things “for” people. And while this is not necessarily wrong, it misses the true heartbeat of the Gospel. As the church, when we do things “for” people or “for” the community we can easily remove our heart and simply make our effort an act of service or an act of volunteering. But what if we decided that instead of doing things “for” people we were going to do things “with” people? For example, what if rather than feeding a homeless or hungry person, you sat down and shared a meal with a hungry or homeless person? it’s at that point that everything changes. No longer are we world’s removed, but by sharing that meal we share life. We open our hearts and become vulnerable to people’s stories and then become vulnerable to ours and we begin to embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When it comes to church in the park our heart is that instead of seeing this as the one Sunday you can miss... you might see it as the one Sunday you can’t miss! Check back for our next church in the park date. 

Novo Bible Club.

We have a wonderful partnership with Novo Ministries and Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church where we work together to host a Bible Club at Sooner Haven apartments in an attempt to reach "at risk" kids with the Gospel. Novo Ministries' vision is to see real and lasting life-change in Oklahoma City’s inner city; to see communities restored, statistics reversed, and lives changed forever through the power of Jesus Christ. This bible club and partnership is such an awesome opportunity to live out our call as a sent people and take the good news of Jesus Christ into the world. If you’ve been wanting for an opportunity to get involved, to risk, to serve, then this is what you’ve been waiting for! If you have questions or want to get started please contact us and we will connect with our Bible Club Team.  roundedemail

GoodHolm Bible study.

Since 2009 our community has been holding a weekly Bible Study and lunch with some our homeless friends who live in the Goodholm Park area. Regardless of the weather we meet on a weekly basis and explore God’s Word together. We ask that you would be praying for our community's continued ministry and presence in the urban areas of OKC. If you would like to support this ministry, we could use your help. Many of the men and women who come to our Bible Study on Wednesdays are facing chronic hunger and homelessness. We are constantly in need of bus passes, sleeping bags and fast food gift cards. If you are interested in donating to help support this ongoing outreach please contact us. roundedemail