The christian life was meant to be lived in community. We believe this is the Biblical picture of the church; people of one heart and mind living life together, sharing, supporting, encouraging, challenging, and loving each other as we grow and mature into complete disciples of Jesus Christ. For us, the value is more than simply about being involved in a “small group.” This value is about shared life. It’s about people and families doing life together. It’s about meeting each other’s needs, carrying each other’s burdens, celebrating each other’s joys, and weeping over each other’s hurts. We want to be a community minded people as we follow Jesus together.


Our idea of membership is birthed out of our love for Jesus, our desire to reflect that love to the world, and our passion to live in authentic community with one another. It’s important that you know our story is a relatively new one and this journey is just beginning. It will take sacrifice, trust, obedience, and boldness. It’s a not a road that one ventures on alone. It’s one that we walk as a community… as a body. There are mountains of unanswered questions and an endless sea of answers. But these are exciting days. Together we will pray and discern the calling of the Holy Spirit. Together we will challenge each other to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Together we will learn to Love Much. And together we will learn to Love Well. 

If you’ve made it this far then we hope you might be willing to risk with us as we attempt to surrender our hearts and lives in passionate pursuit of the Kingdom of God. We are so blessed that you are here and we would love for you to journey with us. 

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