Our Mission. 

We exist to: 

Love Much and Love Well 

as we take the Gospel to: 

The One. The City. & The World. 

Our Values.

As a community there are certain values that we hold in trust together. These values are not an “end all be all’ or a complete treatise on the Christian life. Rather they are just a set of values that we hold onto together as a way of shaping how we see the world. In a sense our values inform and define our worldview.  

Gospel-Centered.   Our idea of being a gospel centered church means that everything about us finds its purpose and identity in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Life is not about us, individually or as a community. Instead everything we are, our life, our hope, even our very existence is because of the saving work of Jesus Christ. So we anchor to that Gospel and we let that Gospel define us. That God, through Jesus Christ, did for us what we could not do for ourselves. As a church the Gospel is not something we simply share or proclaim, it’s the very definition of who we are.  

Worship-Driven.   Worship is a condition of the heart. It’s not about songs, styles, choirs, bands or definitions like traditional, contemporary, vintage, or alternative… worship is essentially a lifestyle. It’s a living response to who God is and what He’s done for us. Everything begins and ends with worship. As a community this is first and foremost how we want to see the world. Everything we do is ultimately about the worship and praise of God. This value extends far beyond our “worship” time on Sunday. It should penetrate deep into our homes, workplaces, and schools. It should be a hallmark of our joys, triumphs, failures, and desperation. As a community we want to be driven by our desire to worship God with our very lives.

Community-Minded. The christian life was meant to be lived in community. We believe this is the biblical picture of the church; People of one heart and mind living life together, sharing, supporting, encouraging, challenging, and loving each other as we grow and mature into complete disciples of Jesus Christ. For us, the value is more than simply about being involved in a “small group.” This value is about shared life. It’s about people and families doing life together. It’s about meeting each other’s needs, carrying each other’s burdens, celebrating each other’s joys, and weeping over each other’s hurts. We want to be a community-minded people as we follow Jesus together. 

Missionally-Focused. Our understanding of mission, both local and global, is not about program but about perspective. We believe that mission is a relational way of life. It’s a way of seeing the world around us differently. It’s an understanding that as followers of Christ we are all missionaries, we are a sent people. For us, the word “missional” may or may not resonate with the way it’s being used in mainline evangelicalism. We simply choose to use the word as a way of defining perspective. As a community we want to have a deep-seated love for all people, and a passionate desire to see individuals transformed by the redeeming love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ. We want to partner with like-minded communities and people both locally and globally to: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, respond to crisis, free the oppressed, fight injustice, and take the “Gospel to the ends of the earth.”

Our Approach.

Love God. Love People. Follow Jesus.

Our approach to living out our values is rather simple. Love God. Love People. Follow Jesus. This is how we want to live as a community. Culturally we are in the habit of complicating everything. We feel the need to define every term, movement, or thought with a list of qualifiers, descriptors, or explanations. As followers of Christ the danger is that our definitions can quickly take the place of how we live. If we are not careful we can become more focused on defining and defending our labels than we are about actually following Jesus. The truth is we are a community of imperfect people, who want to love God, have a heart for people, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. This is our approach to life together and how we want to live out our values… Love God. Love people. Follow Jesus.